Windows Mite price r Saw Doors Aluminium Cutting Machine CNC Dou Cheap ble Head Cutter Saw

Product Description

Windows Miter Saw Doors Aluminium Cutting CZPT CNC Double head cutter saw            

Machine Features

1.Imported cutting motor connects with saw blade; the saw blade feed adopts gas-liquid damping cylinder drive, with
smooth cutting.
2.Equipped with cooling devices, high precision cutting saw rotates stably and cutting surface smooth.
3.The movable cutting head is driven by imported servo driver, adopts gear rack transmission, full close loop control,
with high precision positioning.
4.The movable cutting head adopts high precision linear guide rail pair, operating stable and reliable.
5.The follow-up supporter is space saving.
Technical Parameters

Cutting CZPT CZPT 2*3.0KW  2800r/min
Cutting Length 450~5000mm
Cutting CZPT le 45°,90°
Cutting Range(W*H) 150*210mm in 90°; 150*150mm in 45°
Cutting CZPT : stepless speed regulation 0~3m/min
Blade Specification φ500*φ30*4.4*3.8mm
Repeat Locating Length Tolerance ±0.2mm
Cutting CZPT le Tolerance ±5′
Contour Dimension 7700*1700*1900mm
Weight About 2500KGS