11 Spindles 45 D near me egrees Glass Edge Polishing Edging and Variable Mitering Machine Miter Angle From Cheap 0 to 45 Degrees

Product Description


Product Description


1.General Description:

2.1 GM11 is able to process the flat edger and mitering by changing the angles of the spindles.
2.2 This machine has strong practicability, easy to operate, specialized in furniture, doors and Windows, kitchen and bathroom, technology, architectural CZPT glass, etc.
2.3 Input and output timing belt conveyor can improve transmission precision.
2.4 The processed glass surface is very bright and smooth, approaching the original glass surface.
2.5 The processing speed is adjustable with a step-less variable speed motor which offers a wide range of speed selection.
2.6The distribution of grinding spindles are extremely reasonable; there are 5 spindles for flat edger and 4 spindles for 45 degrees mitering edger, which can accurately process the flat edger and mitering at one time.
2.7 Optional: Manual, PLC control.

2. Main features:

3.1 The base, beam and grinding head base are high-quality castings, which are firm and stable, and the unique middle column design is more stable;
3.2 The motor of grinding head adopts strong brand CZPT d special motor” “Delixi” or Schneider brand electric;
3.3 2.2KW CZPT li wide range governor, CZPT li worm CZPT , more durable transmission;
3.4 The grinding wheel is super sharp and oasis new, and the polishing is imported 10s40 and SD001. The polishing effect is as bright as a mirror;
3.5 The sliding plate of grinding base can be lubricated by oil pump, and the grinding head can be adjusted up and down easily;
3.6 Common straight edge machine function plus professional 45 degrees.


3.Technical Specifications (GM11):

4.Wheels disposal (GM11):

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