Stone Bridge Cutting Machine for Gr Cheap anite Marble Quartz Cutting Automatically (HQ400-600- Cost 700)

Product Description

Stone CZPT Cutting CZPT for Granite Marble Quartz Cutting CZPT matically
Product No.HQ400/HQ600/HQ700

Automatic stone bridge cutting machine to cut slab and tile of granite, marble, sandstone and other stone materials. It is also preferable for cutting and fabricating counter tops, vanity tops, kitchen tops.

Stone bridge cutting machine technical parameters:

Model HQ400 HQ600 HQ700
Blade Size Φ300-Φ450 mm
Φ300-Φ600 mm
Φ300 – Φ700 mm
12″ -28″
Blade Tilting N/A N/A 0°- 50°
Table Size (L×W) 3200×2000 mm 126″×79″
Table Rotation 0°- 90° / 360° 0°- 360°
Table Turnover 0°- 85°
Max. Cut (L×W) 3200×2000 mm 126″×79″
Max. Cut Depth 110 mm 4″ 180 mm 7″ 230 mm 9″
Spindle CZPT 15 Kw  20HP 15 Kw  20HP 18.5 Kw  25HP

Stone bridge saw introduction:

The whole machine is featured with high cutting efficiency, high cutting precision, high stability, easy to operate, specially high value granite and big size marble and quartz.
1. Robust machine comes with strong steel frame, it’s optional. If you don’t need the steel stand, you can build the concrete stands.
2. CZPT microcomputer control and works automatically by program.
3. The blade goes left and right, up and down, the bridge beam moves forward and backward.
4. Equipped with the infrared device, precise cutting location reachable.
5. Dustproof design of the slide track ensures the precise guide movement & long lifespan
6. The worktable can tilt & rotate in wide-angle for special processing
7. Table tilts up to 85 degree to load the big slabs easily and it also rotates 90 / 360 degree to change the cutting position.
8.  Touch screen operation is simple and CZPT guide shows the cutting position that makes the cutting easier.
9. CZPT head tilting 45 degree for miter cutting is optional.
10. PLC control system, programmable, fully automatic & smooth feeding.
11. Precise movement of head in X, Y, Z directions by rack & gear.
12. CZPT ctric parts of international brand adopted, a reliability guaranteed.
13. The touch-sensitive operating system, friendly human-machine interface design.
14. The crossbeam is made of strong cast iron to avoid distortion in the CZPT run.
15. The guide rail is oil-impregnated and protected from water and dust.

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1) Payment:
T/T 30% deposit, 70% before shipment.
2) Delivery time:
The bridge saw can be shipped immediately when machine in stock; 4-5 weeks ready for shipment when machine not in stock. Time for ocean shipping depends on where you are located.
3) Shipment:
For FOB or CIF price, we will arrange shipment for you.
4) Documents after shipment:
After shipment, we will send all original documents to you by DHL or Tele-Release, including Packing List, CZPT Invoice, B/L, and other certificates as required by clients.


AGA specilizes in stone machinery for marble and granite like bridge saw, block cutter, baluster machine, stone splitter, etc. AGA understand that machinery creats value for CZPT ers and every machine comes from sophisticated techonoloy and is manufactured by dedicated and experienced engineers under strict inspection and full test.

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