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The EP drive is also known as a cycloidal pinion planetary gear drive, its core components are the pin housing, the crank shaft and the cycloidal wheel.

The EP reducer is composed of an involute cylindrical gear planetary reduction mechanism and a cycloidal pinion planetary reduction mechanism. The involute planetary gear is integrated with the crankshaft as an input of the cycloidal pinion transmission part, and the crankshaft drives the cycloidal wheel is eccentrically moved, the crank rotates clockwise in a clockwise direction, and the cycloidal wheel moves 1 tooth in the counterclockwise direction.

Industrial robots usually perform repetitive actions to complete the same process; in order to ensure that industrial robots can reliably perform process tasks in production and ensure process quality, the positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy of industrial robots are very high. Therefore, to improve and ensure the accuracy of industrial robots requires the use of EP reducers or harmonic reducers. Another role of precision reducers in industrial robots is to deliver more torque. When the load is large, it is not cost – effective to increase the power of the servo motor. The output torque can be increased by the reducer in a suitable speed range.

Features of EP gearbox EP-50C -32.54

1. Less than 1 arc – min Backlash.

2. Strong impact resistance.

3. Very compact with high torsional rigidity.

4. Component in – line version for greater design and space saving flexibility.

5. Large transmission ratio range.

6. High transmission efficiency.

7. Long working life.

Application of EP gearbox EP-50C -32.54

High – end intelligent equipment industry such as industrial robots, external shafts, precision machine tools, radars, and medical devices.

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