Dragon sales Glass Dgwm Cost 1600 Glass Washing Drilling Cutting Flat Miter Shape Mitering Pencil Beveling Sandblasting Breaking Polishing Edging Machine

Product Description

DGWM1600 Glass Horizontal Washing CZPT

 Introduction and Characteristics

1. Gum stick transmission adopts gear wheel transmission, convenient and reliable, easy for maintenance, the upper and lower brushes are driven by two groups of motors, with stable transmission and CZPT life belt.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
2. The washing part and the cleaning part adopt the stainless steel material, with cycle pump; the water tank can be pushed out, 3 steps cleaning. If it need to be cleaned with better effect, the latter two bushes must be used by running water(Purified water preferred)

3. To adapt washing different thickness of the glass and changing the bushes for maintenance this machine, the gum stick transmission adopts vulcanized rubber with wholly wrapped structure. The washing section and drying section can be lifted up to maximum 350mm height.

4. With 3 pairs of  brushes (φ150mm),it can washing hard Low-E glass, coated glass and solar coated glass,when washing Low-E coated glass, the two hard brushes can be lifted up, unbreakable the coated surface.

5. The drying section has 2 pairs of air knives with the high pressure blower. It can completely dry the surface and the four sides of glass.