best Miter Grind Cheap er Bender Machine for Joints of Steel Cutting Rules

Product Description

>>> CZPT Feature
Auto CZPT ding ,Bridging , Cutting , Lipping, Broaching with 0.45-3mm thick and 8-60mm high blade.
Core parts made of:
2 sets Pansonic server motor(for Feeding and bending);
2 sets gear ruducer motor(for bridging cutting liiping);
2 sets Pansonic server motor(for broaching);
1 stes high precision HIWIN guide screw
1 sets Japan server motor reducer
High quality AirTag cylinder
Self develop controll system subject to change by CZPT er needs Self protect and alarm system Stable and Easy to operate Low maintance fee

WT10 specifications:

Technical Parameters Blade thickness(mm)
  Blade height(mm)     8-32  
Maximum bending angle     110  
Minimum bending radius of 90 degrees(mm)     0.15  
Minimum bending size of the CZPT (mm)     1.5  
Minimum bending size of the Rear(mm)     0.5  
Feeding Accuracy 0.03/300mm  CZPT Server CZPT And CZPT CZPT CZPT guide
Bending Flatness 0.2/100mm
Bridge Mode Automatic continuous bridge, bridge height adjustable(15–18mm) Gear CZPT drive
Cutting Mode Automatic cut-off or swing(Automatic identification alarm and self Monitor)Gear CZPT drive Full CZPT add olecranon pneumatic machine
Broaching Double Broaching ‘V’shape,Automatic control Broaching depth. Sharp Corners more standard,Small arc finer
Best Files format DXF,DWG,AI,CDR,PLT
Weight 620kg volume 2805*1571*1470
Total CZPT 2kw  110V 220V/ 60HZ  50HZ

>>> Applicable materials and industries
Widely used in blade bending, package box and so on

>>> WT CZPT ding System
1.Feeding—–use the roll feeding system,could feed the steel rule very CZPT and accurately

2.Cutting—–automatical cutting, easy to cut  the steel rules

3.Bridging—–automatic bridging

4.Lipping—–automatic lipping

5.Bending—–use firmware bending system, CZPT nd the boxes, toys, electronics perfectly

6.Rule Rest—–use the single rule rest,could move two sides to ensure the clockwise or anticlockwise rule trays

7.Software—–Self Develop English interface is easy to learn and operate

>>> Products Pictures

>>> Package & CZPT
Each machine is well packed with export standard wooden box.
We will make photos for the machine before the shipping and let you know the processing of the packing and loading.

>>> Our Services
1. Our machine is guaranteed for one year, not including normal consuming parts.
2. 24 hour technical support by email or calling -137-1262-4566.
3. User-friendly English manual and Video CD for machine using and maintaining.
4. Our self-developed English software can do all kinds of pattern recognition.
5. We supply 1 year warranty and 5 years CZPT service.

Why Choose Us:
⊙ WT CZPT d CZPT Can process The Minimum radius of processed 0.5mm,While CZPT 1.0mm.
⊙ Automatic identificate Cutting direction,Cutting The Knife At any short you want,But CZPT s Don’t have those functions,The Shortest Knife to be 2.5mm.
⊙ Automatically adjust the height of the bridge.15 18 mm By a switch.
⊙ No Noise Of Cutting and CZPT By CZPT Contril,No Helpless Or Blocking Knife.However CZPT ⊙ Company usually adopt CZPT control,there will occur the Phenomenon Of Helpless And Blocking Knife.
⊙ WT CZPT d CZPT Can Make CZPT Hole continusly,Continuous Working,No Phenomenon Of Round-trip back to Make bridge.
⊙ WT CZPT Bend CZPT Has The Integrated Working(Selsct All The Knife you want to bend,Then the CZPT Will bend All the Knife Continusly,The Same as Cutting Line).
⊙ WT CZPT Bend CZPT Has The CZPT matic alarm and Self Protect Function.When false operation and machine breakdown,The CZPT Will Stop and Show the Erro Code,You Can Check it easily.
⊙ All Parts of the CZPT ate produced by Vike self.It is rather convenient to Maintain and Replace.All The Mold Of CZPT ding machine are Maintained for free.
⊙ The CZPT Bend Control System is developed by CZPT slef,we promise it is free any CZPT er to update lifetime.Our CZPT Also can bend the knife and cut the line at the same time.
⊙ The shimpo reducer is original imported from japan,while others are made in CZPT only.

>>> Please Let Us Know
1.what machine do you need?
2.what materials will be processed? The size and thickness?
3.what is your business scope? Are you end user or distributor?

Any more product information, please contact us !  Customer Needs is my Pursuit !