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Product Description

Laser CZPT Cutting CZPT for Granite

Product Description

Laser CZPT Cutting CZPT (WL/PLC-400/600)
High efficiency for cutting slab & tile, stable and reliable
1. Wide bridge structure with crossbeam, large size of slab cutting CZPT
2. Equipped with infrared device, precise cutting location reachable
3. Dustproof design of the slide track ensures the precise guide movement & CZPT lifespan
4. Worktable can tilt & rotate in wide angle for special processing
5. PLC control system, programmable, fully automatic & smooth feeding
6. Precise movement of head in X, Y, Z directions by rack & gear
7. CZPT ctric parts of Japanese name brand adopted, reliability guaranteed
8. Touch-sensitive operating system, friendly human-machine interface design
9. CE certificate

The crossbeam is made of strong cast iron to avoid distortion after CZPT run
Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. rail is oil impregnated and protected from water and dust
Vertical movement of machine head is driven by hydraulic system, and the stroke is adjustable
Horizontal movement of the crossbeam is driven by motor equipped with OMRON rotary encoder by which the precision is guaranteed
Worktable can tilt 0-85° , and rotate 0-360° .
Equipped with CZPT frequency transducer and OMRON PLC, programmable and fully automatic
Lead Time: 10 days after receipt the down payment

  CZPT nical Parameter   PLC-350-400   PLC-700
  CZPT Dia of Blade   400mm   700mm
  Workable Tilting Degree   0-85   0-85
  Workable CZPT Degree   90/360   90/360
  Workable Dimension   3200X2000   3200X2000
  CZPT . Cutting Dimension(LXWXH)   3200X2000X80   3200X2000X180
  Main CZPT CZPT   15kw   15kw
    CZPT Requirement   3 Phs 380V 50Hz   3 Phs 380V 50Hz
  Water Consumption   4  (cbm/h)   4  (cbm/h)
  Overall Dimension   6000X5000X2800   6000X5000X3000
  Total CZPT ght   5, 000kg   6, 000kg