Heavy Duty Customized 1800mm Miter Cut Custom ting Band Saw Machin Cheap e for H Steel Cutting

Product Description

CZPT Duty CZPT ized 1800mm Miter Cutting Band Saw CZPT for H Steel Cutting

Technical parameters

 DTJ-1800(miter cutting with 0°~ -45°)
Maximum Cutting Capacity(mm) rectangular 1800mm( W) x 700mm( H)
-45° rectangular 1250mm (W )x 700mm( H)
Minimum cutting capacity(mm) 0°~ -45° rectangular 300mm(W)x100mm(H)
Cutting angle 0°~ -45°
Rotating angle error ≤ ±0.2°
Angle adjusting mode Parameterization controlling
Drive Capacity(kw) Main CZPT 15.0KW
Hydraulic CZPT 5.5KW
Coolant Pump  0.37KW
Blade CZPT (m/min) 20-100 by inverter step less adjusting
Blade Size(mm) 12500x67x1.6mm
The angle between the saw belt and work table 3-5°
Work piece Clamping Hydraulic Vise( 2 groups) could use separately
Blade Tension Hydraulic
Working feeding mode Hydraulic step less adjusting
Main CZPT Spiral gear reducer
Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. arm Hydraulic moving
feeding mode Roller auxiliary feeding
Table Height 650mm

DTJ-1800 Band saw details

Main features
1, gantry structure with strong rigidity and high stability;

2, 45# linear guiding, slide of guiding rail is with rolling type; sawing feeding adopts dual cylinder controlling system; adjusting valve is step less adjusting;

3, it could rotate 0°~ -45°. machine rotates without moving of the work piece. When the work table reaches the required angle, just stop. Then after it will be braked by braking device to guarantee the angle accuracy;

4, angle error is less than ≤ ±0.2°, rotating position is locked by hydraulic cylinder with 2 clamping position points;

5, saw belt tension mode: hydraulic tension. CZPT er could adjust the pressure according to the size of H steel;

6, the saw belt is with detecting device. The machine will stop automatically when the saw belt is broken;

7, Special infrared tool set: The infrared ray is a type of red ray which coincides with the cutting path of the saw blade to facilitate the work piece positioning;

8, steel brush matched with magnetic sawing dust discharging device, could collect the saw dust automatically;

9, main drive adopts large CZPT gear reducer with strong motivation, reliable property and stable operation;

10, the sawing kerf is narrow with low cost of material, energy saving and high sawing accuracy;

11, the reasonable saw blade guiding device could prolong the service life of saw blade; while the movable saw blade guiding device and side pressing device moves together which could guarantee stable structure and flexible moving;

12, separate operation box, Man-machine interface instead of the traditional control panel, digital way to set up the working parameters; could automatically display the machine operation condition;

13, PLC controlling system, automatically feeding, clamping, measuring and sawing;

14, there is upper pressing cylinder to avoid the lining of work piece during pressing process.

15, the sawing frame, gantry and base are all with special hot treated to guarantee the sawing quality and machine stability.

Other series of metal cutting horizontal band saw

Metal cutting pictures

Our company

HangZhou North Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. (herein after as jinfeng) Industry Co.,LTD is specialized in manufacturing band saw machines. Founded in 1998, Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. occupies 20,000 square meters plant area with more than 200 workers in which there are production department, domestic marketing department, abroad-sale department, managing department, after-sale service department, technical department and CZPT department. Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. was authorized ISO 9001, CE, and OHSAS18001 certificate. Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. band saw machine covers series of semi automatic horizontal band saw machine, fully automatic double column band saw machine, automatic CNC band saw machine, angel band saw machine, large scale double gantry band saw machine and vertical band saw machine.

Our CZPT ers
During past 20 years, CZPT band sawing machine is sold to more than 20 countries: Russia, Austrilia, CZPT , Thailand, Indonesia, India……

After sale service
1, 24 hours technical center on line:
We provides CZPT clients with 24 hours on line service for technical support. Our team have years of experience in the field.

2, video instruction for band saw installing and operating. Field training and installing is CZPT at the request of the clients’ request.

3, Guarantee time

1) Our quality guarantee time is 12 months since the machine on board;

2) During this period, if the machine break down owing CZPT machine itself quality problem,  we will prepare the spare parts; and send to you by free within 5 days. all these will be by free. 

3) If the break down is caused by improper operation,  we could supply the spare parts with factory cost. 

Q1: How to install?
A1: We adjusted machines well before we deliver. When CZPT ers receive them, you can work with them directly.

Q2: How to ensure the safety?
A2:There have the overload and over heat protection, it ensure working people safety.

Q3: How CZPT the table saw machine can be used?
A3: It depends how you use your table saw, if use it in good maintenance, at least 8-10 years.

Q4:what is the Delivery time?
A4: Our delivery time is around 30 days. Before the machine arrive at the port, the shipping company will call you.

Q5: Are there any requirements for the dealer?
A6: There is no special conditions to be CZPT dealer. You buy from us and sell to your CZPT ers. We introduce CZPT ers to you.