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Product Description

Product Description


2.General Description:
1.1 GY1 Glass Shape Edging CZPT is designed for the grinding and polishing of external edges of shaped glass.
1.2 By changing the grinding wheel, different edge profiles (flat edge with arris, pencil edge, bevel edge, and OG edge) can be processed.
1.3 The height of the spindle is easy to adjust.
1.4 A pneumatic cylinder (included attachment) makes it possible to process round glass automatically.
1.5 The turntable drive motor and worn gear are installed in the base housing. Its speed is adjusted by a step-less motor.

3. CZPT nical Parameter: 
1. Wheel diameter:Φ150mm (grinding beveling edge) Φ100mm, Φ150mm(grinding circle edge)
2. Rotate speed of working table:0.3 rpm~3rpm
3. Rotate speed of independence turn plate: 0.7 rpm ~7rpm
4. Processing glass thickness: 3 mm ~40 mm
5. Size of processing glass: Φ100mm~Φ2100mm
6. Bevel degree: 0°~45°
7. Maximum width of bevel B: 35mm (grinding wheel working width: b≤25mm.)
8. Minimum curvature radius of the outside circle upon continuous grinding: R30mm.
9. Minimum curvature radius of inside circle: R100mm.
10. Power of installation:3.92KW

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