Bridge Saw Stone Cutting Machine with Siemens PLC f Cheap or Bevel Cut, Miter Cut manufacturer in White Marble, Quartz and 0 to 360 Degree Table Rotating, Long Kitchen Counter Top

Product Description

HLSQ-450 is a CZPT PLC Controlled bridge saw with interpolated axes, rotating head and work bench, specially engineered to cut and process of marble, granite, or other natural and engineered stones.

 — 0° to 45°head tilting, 0°to 270°head rotation.

 — 0° to 85° table tilting, 0°to 360°table rotation.

 — Linear guideway in  “X, Y, Z” axis to guarantee accuracy and speed.

 — CZPT ctric and electronic components in international standards to be  easily sourced.

 — Full machine be loaded in 20 GP container. Easy to load, transport and install thanks to its monobloc structural frame.

 — SIEMENS PLC control system in 4 CZPT uages for automatic cutting and easy operation.

 — Spindle motor variable speed by means of inverter (Optional).

Other details of machine:

Main Parts of CZPT :

The finish CZPT machine can do: