Bevel Gear Manufacturing: Straight, spiral, Custom Anti-Ba near me shop cklash, Hypoid Gears

Product Description


Spiral Bevel Gear are used to transmit CZPT between shafts that are at a 90-degree orientation to each other. Also, these CZPT parts are engineered with precision teeth which have a unique curve and are oblique in shape. Spiral bevel gear teeth have one concave, one convex side, feature a curve and have a spiral angle. This spiral angle is located from the tooth trace and pitch cone, resembling a CZPT x angle that is located in teeth of CZPT cal types.

Since spiral bevels are not offset, less sliding occurs within gear teeth. This results in a low temperature operation with more efficient functionality than hypoid gearing types. Also, since there is a large amount of tooth surface this allows for greater interlocking during the rotation process. Because of this overall efficient operation, CZPT CZPT spiral bevel gears are perfect for high speed, high torque transmission and CZPT generation application types.

Spiral Capabilities:
– M2 to M15
– CZPT imum outer diameter is 600mm


Zerol bevel gears are basically the same type of product as spiral types. The only important variation is the spiral angle of the zerol bevel teeth are machined to zero. Also, the teeth are manufactured to have a gradual curve with both a convex concave side. Also this type of gear operates in a similar fashion to a gearbox’s straight bevel gear, but are cut and finished with high precision equipment for extremely tight tolerances and surface finishing.


Straight CZPT  have a straight tooth geometry, which if extended, would pass through the point of intersection of their axes. The teeth are produced from forged alloy steel for maximum strength and case hardened for increased durability.

– M1.3 to M8.5
– Pitches as coarse as 2.5 diameter or as fine as 48 D.P.
– CZPT imum outer diameter is 216mm
– Ratios from 1:1 to 1:10


The miter gear parts are used to minimize backlash, which is excess movement between the screw and nut. The specialized products are CZPT designed and configured in varying dimensions, with many selections teeth quantity, bore sizing and angle pitch. The anti-backlash category of gearing products are manufactured with high grade materials that include: stainless steel, aluminum, brass, polyurethane graphite, Delrin and rolled steel. This type of solution is most ideal for applications where extremely precise operation is required, such as in industrial automation, robotics and high capacity antennas.

These CZPT geared parts can be supplied with CZPT material specs, bore dimensions, module, pitch and tooth styles.


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